HTFT was founded on the vision and promise of offering a real alternative to ACCA and CIMA professional training.

With a 'flipped classroom' the focus is on the individual student, making sure you the student feel valued, supported and ultimately part of our Partnership.

All our lectures are recorded, whether you join us live online or for one of our classroom offerings. This means you can 'rewind and replay' the content as often as you want.

'Drill down' content is then made available, so if an individual needs additional support on an area of weakness, it is made available for them.

HTFT Partnership will provide a personalised timetable scheduling your dates for the course you have chosen, so you can manage your commitments. This is done either through the booking online, or email, with your planned papers using the heading 'bespoke timetable request'.


It's not boring...

The traditional model of classroom or distance learning was invented in a different era; students lost in a classroom or home alone.

Technology has changed the way in which the world works.

Modern students are from Generation Y; they have smartphones, they text, they facebook they communicate via chatboxes, they pause live TV!

The HTFT model uses a considered blend of 'face to face', 'live online' and 'rewind and replay' content .

Coupled with a vibrant online learning community at the heart of it all bringing accountancy training bang up to date.

Accountancy is not boring, and with the right tutors the process of qualifying as an accountant can actually be fun! Follow the link to see photos from our recent student event:


The HTFT partners are award winning tutors, who really care. We treat each student as an individual and have a 'no man/woman is to be left behind' policy.

Why not link in with us, to see real testimonials from real ex students. Go to

For 'flipped' learning to truly work each element needs to be the responsibility of that same award winning tutor.

So from the course structure, to writing the notes, to delivering in the classroom or live online, manning the discussion boards, recording additional rewind and replay on the online community, writing and setting assessments, mocks and question based questions...your bespoke tutor is your guide through the whole process.

To talk to the team real time, please follow this link to join us on our online community.

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